Privacy Policy

Market Clock values your privacy and does not collect or store any personal data, or share data with any third party services. The purpose of Market Clock is to present market hours data to users, which does not require any personal information to be provided. It is a read only service, funded by paying subscribers rather than advertising or collecting data.

What personal data is collected by Market Clock?

None. Even your choice of markets is only stored locally, on your device.

How is this data collected?

No data is collected, either explicitly requested or implicitly gathered from your device.

How is this data used?

No data is used by Market Clock or shared with any third party company, service or SDK.

What third parties does Market Clock share data with?

Market Clock doesn't share any data with any third parties. Purchasing information is sent to Apple, as part of the App Store purchasing process.

How long is personal data retained?

Personal data is not stored for any period.

How can a user revoke consent?

Although no personal data is collected or stored, unsubscribing from the service is considered revoking all consent.

How can a user request deletion of data?

No personal data is stored, but a user should send feedback if any deletion were required.

If you have any further questions about privacy and personal information in Market Clock, please send feedback.